Friday, October 15, 2010

CGI hiring freshers

Who says it’s an engineer's prerogative to lap up the dream jobs? In today's competitive world, there is scope to do lots more. The IT Services provides a wide array of specialized jobs in areas like Remote Infrastructure Management, Application - Maintenance, Support, Production Support, Desktop Support, et al, that require acumen and an eye for quality. It's in the details, you see.

We are looking out for fresh young, energetic, bright, spirited Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) graduates who are out to make a difference! Sounds familiar? Someone you know? And that he or she is your friend? Well, think no further and refer them to CGI India. Soon, they will be your peers, their energy will be infectious. A 'likeminded CGI family' will grow. You'll grow too and impact the world! Get the big picture?
Coming to the characteristics of your referral that we're looking for:
• Should be a fresh B.Sc./ BCA graduate (Year of Passing: 2009 - 2010)
• Any college across India that offer these courses
• Should have passed with a minimum average of 60%
• Should have good communication skills
• Keen to learn, have a ‘I can conquer-the-world’ attitude
• Willing to work at nights, when this part of the world (India) sleeps
• Willingness to work in and light up the maintenance and support areas
Send in their resumes to No other source (other than the ones received via this email address) will be entertained.

It brings us back to the fact that if you want a dear friend to become your peer, then CGI is the place. Now is the time. Get down to business. Refer a friend today!

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