Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ness Technologies are hiring laterals (1-3 years’ experience) for Java and testing

When you think of cutting edge technology companies you think of online companies like Facebook, Google, and Yahoo etc. Imagine if every visitor to these sites was doing a business transaction. Suddenly the complexity multiplies. But can such a system exist?
Yes it does !
- Do you know that airlines/hotels sell over a billion reservations annually?
- Do you know that there is a product called Amadeus e-Retail which processes 500 million airline bookings annually?

So, here is the good news. Ness is looking for individuals with high aptitude (algorithmic thinking) to contribute to such systems.
You need to be a strong Java or Testing resource in addition to having a strong aptitude.

To know more about the openings and apply visit the link below:
Java folks ---
Testing folks ---

About Ness: Ness is headquartered in Israel with over 2800 professionals in India. It provides cutting edge product development and R&D Services. The customer list includes Portal (Oracle), Business Objects etc

About Amadeus: Amadeus ( is the leading Global Distribution System (GDS) and the biggest processor of travel bookings in the world. The Ness-Amadeus team in Bangalore is 190 strong and growing. It contributes to key IT products for Airlines including Amadeus e-Retail solution for Airline e-commerce websites (120+ airlines websites in the world are powered by it).

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