Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Java Interns Required at Stragure

We are looking for Java interns. If you know someone who is looking out do let me know. Below is the process of getting into internship and finally becoming a full time employee at Stragure in Java team.

1) Candidate must have his/her own laptop to start with.
2) Candidate must be willing to self learn Spring framework. A basic level of guidance will be given, book will be recommended and a clear expectation will be set. Some code will be given too.
3) After and during  self learning there will be series of small discussions which will happen to understand the grasping capability of the candidate.
4) Once I am satisfied with the candidates performance, he/she will be absorbed as an intern.
5) During internship they will be given real time tasks and based on their performance they will be absorbed in the company as a regular employee and once in a project for a few months a laptop will be given to the employee (this might even take more time)

So when you are talking to your friends/juniors you can update them about this process and once they come and meet me, I will explain them that again.

Most of you at Stragure have joined us as regular employees after undergoing the same process and hence you know it well.

And yes, the candidate should know core Java.

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