Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sincere condolences to Shri Satya sai baba

A very sad news to the spiritual world on the news of the demise of Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai baba. We pray for his peaceful soul wherever it is and may his soul continue protecting the humanity.

The charity work he has done is enormous and need not be mentioned separately. Leaving the controversy aside on his avatar as human or god the kind of charity he does is equal to godly one where even the government couldn't provide.

My sincere request to government and the trust is don't politicize this and anyways baba will always be with the good human kind. May the government take all necessary steps and action in smooth functioning of the trust and charity activities. Many feel that all trust and government people will now be looking how to own the trust amount for thier self use which is a most common feeling in India as we are more prone towards corruption as Indian people that too Andhrapradesh people are wellknown for that.

My sincere request is atleast to continue the good work which is going on now initiated by Sai Baba without any interruption.

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