Thursday, August 26, 2010


Do you want to be Oracles next Acquisition?

As you may know, Oracle is the world’s largest Enterprise software company and second largest software company.

Oracle Corporation gives high emphasis on recruiting motivated engineering and management graduates as part of its strategic initiative.
As we are driving awareness about Oracle and its various academic initiatives through our website, we would like to share information about the company and its business initiatives and career options etc.,

We encourage you to register in our web site

Follow simple steps
Click *India *on the map
Next screen on the left hand side Click on *How to Apply*
And then click on *Register ***

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  1. I registered as above said and in reply i got a mail by saying that my profile is not matching their desired profile ....pls let me know why it came like that and also let me know the eligibility to meet the company criteria ....pls reply